Exploring the Beauty of Fishing Island of Sambranikodi in Kollam District of God's Own Country,Kerala

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Tourists on their trip to Kerala would inevitably long for its backwaters and would crave to sail across them. That would most probably be in houseboats and rarely in traditional country boats. However, the prospect of backwater tourism is not only bound to the luxurious houseboat cruises but much more. These regions are home to its diverse population of flora and fauna, and most importantly the fishes. Here amid the serene Ashtamudi lake in Kollam, is located the ecologically rich Sambranikodi Island, to which the population of fishes says it all.

They have got its mussels, clams and a whole lot of pear spots that are one of the most favourite and largely consumed backwater fish of Keralites. They make many mouth-watery spicy dishes from this fish. As an honour of their concern and the love for Pearl spots, they had been deemed as the state fish of Kerala. Here at Sambranikodi, the fisher folks of the region do sell the fishes caught from the backwaters at the auction hall at a reasonable price. But interestingly part is that these fresh catches get finished off quite quickly, not even taking an hour. So even if the curious tourists are wishing to get some, they have to rely on the locals for this purpose rather than reaching here at early hours of the day. Thankfully, the friendly fisher folks residing in the place would catch exclusively for the demanded tourists.

Travellers who are still restless to savour the traditional fish recipes could fulfil them by dropping into the government-operated restaurant set up on the island.  The popular eatery would serve its guests with all sorts of spicy dishes that are cooked by the fresh catches from the backwaters. To savour them people from neighbouring districts and even foreigners drop into the restaurant to relish these traditional tastes. Furthermore, the spot can be easily accessed on the common houseboat route to the popular backwater destination of Munroe Island. Once satisfying their tummies, they would realise that their decision to pull over by this spot was never wrong.

 Situated to the southernmost part of Prakkulam in Kollam district, Sambranikodi is that enchanting island worth to be visited. The notable visit to them should not be confined to its delicious food, but needs to be exploring the sumptuous nature. A larger part of its adjoining shallow backwaters is brimmed with unique yellow-hued mangrove vegetation.  Apart from them, around 8 other sorts of mangroves can be spotted here in these salty waters. To experience more of them, the tourists along with their family may roam around the island and have fun by once getting down from its floating boat jetties. However, such a situation can be found during the times of high tide and should be arranged in a period from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. After that, the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) of Kollam will not be permitting the tourists to visit.

Anyhow, tourists never miss their golden chance of wandering around the picturesque island with knee-length shallow waters. Henceforth, they could click any number of pictures with lake and patches of green as the backdrop. Their cameras could also focus numerous Chinese fishing nets lined at certain regions of the island, to provide some stunning clicks. If they are not enough with this, they may venture out to the sea that is in proximity to the location. Moreover, the view of the sunset from the landmass is the next big thing to be watched for the tourist heading to Sambranikoodi. Sadly, a better version of the crimson red sun crossing the horizon could only be watched from the last boat sailing back to the mainland, with concern to the schedule allotted to the outsiders by the tourism department. Or if they had returned much earlier, the mesmerizing view of the sunset can be witnessed from the bridge built across Kureepuzha.

Also, the fact related to the formation of the island is a fascinating thing that should never be skipped from discerning more. It was formed by the soil dredged out when the depth of the forthcoming National waterway 3 was increasing to have a better movement of boats.  Eventually, people from Munroe Island and other nearby places had started settling in them. Moreover, the nomenclature of the landmass is interesting enough to turn many heads. Some of the islanders believe that it is due to the presence of a unique tree called 'Sambrani’, some others say that many years ago, an ancient Chinese ship with the same name had moored at its banks!

The islands like Sambranikodi are quite many in Kerala that can be explored more. All of them offer a whole new experience for the tourists visiting along with their families. Apart from the pleasing sights, there would be several activities on which the entire family members can be engaged in.  For all that, you should be visiting the islands on your very holidaying in Kerala. Gogeo Holidays based in Kochi arranges interesting trips to both popular and unexplored tourist locations spread across the enchanting state. So you may travel with them once booking your tour packages with them. Also, you will be availing their offers and other services at incredibly lower rates.

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