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Today I want to talk to you about two tips to become more instantly respected by your clients.

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Now, two tips to being more instantly respected with your customers, who doesn’t want that, right? Everybody wants to be respected. We definitely are in business to be professionals, to be treated as such. What are some of the ways that you can do this?

Well, you have to begin with the end in mind, and you have to win before you begin. You have to be able to set yourself up in a way, that allows you to be positioned as somebody who is a professional, and somebody who should be respected by that customer.

I’ll never forget when I started to make this transition in my market, and I started to see people treat me differently. It was a wonderful thing because prior to that, I would have to show one buyer 60 houses. I’d take calls at nine or ten at night. I had one agent literally call me on Christmas Eve to setup a showing, and I was like, “Hey, don’t you celebrate Christmas?” She said, “Yes, but these customers are only in town for this one day.” Those are customers that did not treat that particular agent like a professional or respect her.

So a couple of things that I always want to make sure I do to position myself in a way that builds respect, and I’ll give you a couple of bonus tips after as well. Number one, I don’t have my phone number on my business card as far as my personal self. What I’m saying very clearly is if you want to get to me, you got to call the office, and go through the gatekeeper, because I don’t keep hours 24/7.


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