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Our Business Intelligence Consulting Services help you in taking a critical business decision backed by key insights which help you to derive better results

     Business Intelligence Consulting Services


Our BI Consulting Services help decision-makers with the most critical insights of their domain which are inferred from the data analyzed by our business intelligence solutions. These insights help them to check for business alignments before making a decision, monitor key parameters and make a decision more confidently to ensure a healthy progression.


                               Our BI Consulting services portfolio


Enterprise Data Warehousing(EDW)
Build, fast, economical and fully managed enterprise data warehouse for all modern, self-service and advanced analytics use cases.

Data Visualization, Analytics and Self-service BI with Self-service Business Intelligence.

Data Visualization and analytics

Data Integration (ETL) & DWH


Data Modernization
Effortlessly modernize your existing data platforms for better ROI by streamlining with new concepts and best practices known.


Cloud Migration & Transformation

Big Data & Advanced Analytics
Data Science


Data Management
Define and manage your most essential data to provide a point of reference along with identification, linking, and synchronization of information across disparate data sources.

Data Governance

Enterprise Data Merge or Split
Data Quality
Master Data Management (MDM)

Power BI

Experience your data anywhere with our tailor-made solutions

Building live & Rich Dashboards

Interactive Data visualizations

Creating stunning interactive reports

Consistent analysis across your organization.

Database administration(DBA)

Monitor, manage and optimize your databases

Data security & Compliance

Performance management

Disaster Recovery

24×7 support

The Solution

Technovert provided a BI and Analytics on consolidated data from varied source Applications. The cloud based solution was built using PowerBI and Azure analytic Services secured by Azure Active Directory. Top management was empowered to analyze data across all legal entities through Self-Service BI Capabilities, in near real time mode.

The Challenge

Lack of Data Consistency as data from multiple sources was not integrated and reporting was possible only on silos of information. The Top level Executives needed Dashboards showing birds eye view of business. There was no single platform to analyze Revenue, Cost, Budget and Forecast. 

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