How to choose right frame style for eyeglasses that perfectly fits your face shape as per latest trends

Did it happen to you that went to an eyewear shop and you didn’t find a perfect frame for your face? But those frames look extremely gorgeous on the face of the models you see on television! Please don’t feel bad.

Does not matter what is your face type… it is oval, square, round, oval, heart or anything else, you can definitely get a perfect frame for your face.

Did it happen to you that went to an eyewear shop and you didn’t find a perfect frame for your face? But those frames look extremely gorgeous on the face of the models you see on television! Please don’t feel bad. The only reason for this is the models wear eyewear being guided with the expert advisers who suggest frame style for their face after lots of experiments. Well, you can have the luxury too! What you need to understand is the basic relation between face shape types and eyeglasses. It’s fun!

And, what if you like a certain frame type which does not look ‘best’ for your face type? Well, always remember, you are the owner of your own style statement. No need to follow the rule book after all!

For your basic help, here is the eyeglass suggestions described below for five common face types. Whether you are going to buy square eyeglasses online, these tips will help you!

1. Round face & eyeglass type –
Almost everyone has a family member, relative or friend who has a cute face with chubby cheeks. A round shaped face includes lenient curves, fullness with smooth lines. Hence a round faced person looks younger!
Is that you?
Select frames which can counterbalance the regularity of your face. It should add bit sharpness too. Usually for round face highlighting cheekbones and eyes is important, and upswept, angular and bold glasses can do the job.
Frames suggested –

• Square
• D-frame
• Rectangle
• Cat eye

2. Oval face & eyeglass type –
When it comes to selecting frame types, oval faced people have golden chances. They can wear just any shaped frames and having an oblong shaped face type almost every frame looks great on them. It is definitely considered as the most balanced shape as cheekbones are broader than the jaw and forehead.
Having a bold face, you can wear any bold frame, but wearing narrow frames you will look better. What is best for your look is to choose a slightly wider frame coming out from the broadest face part of yours.
Suggested frame types –

• Square
• Oval
• Wayfarer
• Horn
• Round

Any square eyeglasses supplier in India do a great business all through the year as square eyeglasses look perfect on most face shapes.

3. Square face & eyeglass type –
Square faced people are having broad forehead and sturdy jaw. Usually the top and bottom portion of the face have almost similar width. The face length is almost equal to the width of it.
While choosing a frame for this face type, it should add extra length to the face. Normally round shaped frames look best square faces. Do you have this genre of face shape? Make your face looking longer or thinner with

• Round
• Rounded wayfarer
• Oval

But remember to choose one that remains a bit wider than the broadest face part of yours.

4. Heart shaped face & eyeglass type –
As the name suggests, a heart shaped face looks just like it. A sweeping curve can be noticed till the jaw from the forehead. At the eyebrow sections it is broadest and gets narrowing downwards which makes jaws as the narrowest portions of face. In short, a heart shaped face implies a pointed chin + projecting cheekbones.
If you are having a heart shaped face and need to choose eyewear fitting in your face, you should know that there are numbers of options available for you. Just avoid fully designed and oversized frames.
You will look best in –

• Square
• Rounded square
• Rounded wayfarer
• Oval

5. Diamond face shape & eyeglass types –
It is another dramatic style face shape. Having a diamond shaped face you should try wearing a frame that can make highlighted browlines. Best frame suggestions are –

• Rimless
• Semi-rimless
• Cat-eye
• Rectangle
• Oval

At the end, remember that you are the owner of your own style. Just buy a square spec at best price and own the style.

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