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Q – When do you know its infertility? You ought to get worried about Infertility at whatever point a couple can't get pregnant in spite of having unprotected sex, at any rate, one year and the women are under 35 years.

Things to know before IVF Treatment


Q – When do you know its infertility?

You ought to get worried about Infertility at whatever point a couple can't get pregnant in spite of having unprotected sex, at any rate, one year and the women are under 35 years.

Infertility is normal - Infertility is a common condition, influencing around 1 out of 6 couples. The reasons for infertility are commonly identified with the lady 40% of the time and the man 40% of the time, with 20% coming about because of a mix of both. Around 5% of barren couples go to IVF to enable them to conceive. Some likewise fertile individuals seek after IVF for different reasons, for example, same-sex couples, single ladies, those conveying a hereditary sickness, etc. This implies 1 out of 50 infants are currently conceived using IVF.

IVF might take a lot of time - could possibly conceive the first time also - In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, happens when eggs are taken out from a lady's ovaries, treated externally, and afterward supplanted inside the belly. The treatment cycle can be long, as the lady's body is regularly invigorated all together that eggs can be gathered.

There are various kinds of IVF - There are various kinds of IVF - Although ordinary IVF is the most widely recognized sort of IVF, this isn't the main treatment accessible or essentially the most fitting treatment. There are likewise other, less medication serious types of treatment.

Age is the fundamental factor - The younger age it is performed the better in terms of success rates for Fertility Treatments. In women, around 35 the decline in fertility begins at. This means it is much more difficult to conceive by the ’40s. This is because of the decline in both the number and quality of eggs; but if you are planning for fertility treatment, do it sooner than later.

Frozen eggs are just as good as new eggs – It is suggested that frozen eggs are just like fresh ones. It’s suggested that a woman freezing her eggs under the age of 35 has more chance of having a baby with fertility treatment.

High chances of twins and triplets - It is widely known that fertility treatment can result in a greater likelihood of multiple pregnancies. Twins and triplets are more common with IVF. It’s because of placing more than one embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy in the womb.

There will be side effects – You will be full of hormonal changes, so you will be more emotional during pregnancy. Minor physical results, for example, pressure, squeezing or swelling in the pelvic zone, vaginal delicacy, and distress from ripeness infusions may likewise happen. Symptoms can include weight increase, body pain or swelling in the abdomen, giddiness, breath shortage, nausea, and vomiting.

Child Complications - Babies born from IVF also have around a 1-2 percent higher risk of birth defects than that in the general population.

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Dr. Sunitha Ilinani has a clinical experience of 18 years and is specialized in a comprehensive range of fertility related treatments and services and has a prominent reputation in Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment. She has received Diploma in Advanced ART (KIEL, Germany), ART training from HFI, USA, ART training from MMM, Chennai and ART training from IRM, Kolkata.

She is a consultant ART and fertility specialist and also the Medical Director of Surya Fertility Centre, Hyderabad. With her dedication, commitment and vision, Surya Fertility Centre has come to be known as one of the leading fertility centres in Hyderabad providing advanced fertility treatment including Blastocyst culture, Oocyte vitrification, Preimplantation genetic testing.

She believes in giving the best possible treatment to her patients by constantly keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field of ART, by participating in National and International conferences, using evidence based protocols and latest cutting edge technology.

She is also a member of various professional organizations such as FOGSI, ISAR, ESHRE etc.

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  • Fertility treatment in resistance PCOS
  • Recurrent implantation failure
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