Master The Art Of Mixology With These Cocktail Recipes & Impress Your Co-Workers.

Ashish Choudhary Ashish Choudhary

On the rock, neat and bottoms up- indeed they make for the perfect choice for an office party. But why not get experimental with the brown spirit and harvest some delectable flavour from all the good around you??

Get high and take things a notch up. Bring your inner Dale DeGroff out and let your talent flow from your veins to the drink you pour. But remember the key to ace the art of mixology is by using fresh and right ingredients. It is all about the base complimenting the spices and herbs.

Get quirky and throw in a new world of ingredients in your cocktail and get wild like never before.

Who said office parties have to be all about numbers and work? And who said drinking is all about on the rocks?

Your taste-goblets are waiting to explore the unexplored. And there is nothing better than fixing a glass of perfect concoction to impressed will your boss and co-workers.

So here we are today bringing your country’s best cocktail from bartenders around India and their love for cocktails.

We have a drink for every day and every mood!